Thee Spivs-en The crowds and the sounds eta gehio

Thee Spivs-en The crowds and the sounds eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Original mirrors “Chains of love” *Weirdos “Why do you exist?” *Lene Lovich “Blue” *The Sweet “Done me wrong or right” *Slade My life is natural” *The Akrylykz “Smart boy” *The Motors “Love and loneliness” THE SPIVS “THE CROWDS AND THE SOUNDS” LParen errepasoa. *Los Scooters “Los chicos de la calle” *Ejecutivos agresivos “Te … Continued

Billy Karloff and the Extremes

Billy Karloff and the Extremes “The vinyl solution (Wait for the blackout)” LParen errepasoa

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Novedades Carminha “T.U.N.A.” *Hot mirindas “Bread, wheels, software & pills” *Adhesivo “Controla tus gases nena” *Estragos “No estas” *Tacones “Rita” *Los Elegantes “Cristina” *Les Daltons “She’s a drag” *Brakaman “Look out” BILLY KARLOFF AND THE EXTREMES “THE VINYL SOLUTION (WAIT FOR THE BLACKOUT)” LParen errepasoa. *Basic black jacks “Junk train” *New bomb turks … Continued

Graham Parker-en Another grey area eta gehio

Graham Parker-en Another grey area eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *The Clash “Jail guitar doors” *Pil “Where are you” *Ramones “Rock’n’roll high school” *Cramps “Mean machine” *Original mirrors “Time has come” *Ghost dance “Down to the wire” GRAHAM PARKER “ANOTHER GREY AREA” LParen errepasoa *Ŝpeed “Contento” *Gamberros Unidos “GU” *Orquesta Mondragon “Muñeca hinchable” *Silvio rodriguez “Esto no es una elegia”

Camisa de venus-en

Camisa de venus-en “Batalhoes de estranhos” eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Kollaa kestaa “Kirjoituksia Kellarista” *DOA “Ritch bitch” *Clash “Capital radio two” *Flamin’ groovies “River deep mountain high” *Damned “Wait for the blackout” *Lobos negros “El ataque del torpedo” *Barricada “Pon esa musica de nuevo” CAMISA DE VENUS “BATALHOES DE ESTRANHOS” LParen errepasoa *Kursaal flyers “Monster in law” *The Beat “Jackpot *Rocky Sharpe and … Continued

Husker du-ren

Husker du-ren “New day rising” eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *The Clash “Do ir now” *The Rumour “Looking after Nº 1! *Graham Parker “Nobody hurts you” *Fischer Z “Remember Russia” *Madness “Tomorrow’s just another day” *Katrina and the Waves “Mexico” HUSKER DU “NEW DAY RISING” LParen errepasoa *Os Resentidos “Galizia kanibal” *Ilegales “Ella salto por la ventana” *Alaska y los Pegamoides “Reacciones” *Silvio … Continued

“Wayne County and the electric chair”-en “Storm the gates of heaven” eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Nirvana “In bloom” *Superchunk “On the mouth” *Derelicts “10 days” *Zipgun “Put me away” *Zarama “Ezkerralde” *IV Reich “Sucio policia” *Besos rabiosos “Que me voy a poner?” *Ramoncin “Polvo blanco” WAYNE COUNTY AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS “STORM THE GATES OF HEAVEN” LParen errepasoa *Ghost town “Down to the wire” *Frustration “Nowadays” *Moljy Hatchet … Continued

The Reds-en The Reds eta gehio

The Reds-en The Reds eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Forgotten rebels “Live strippers in action” *The Motors “Nightmare zero” *Bram Tchaikovsky “Let’s dance” *Toy dolls “Nellie the elephant” *The Beat “Ranking full stop” *The Pogues “Curse of love” *Joan Jett “Victim of circumstance” *David Johansen “Wreckless crazy” THE REDS “THE REDS” LParen errepasoa *Suzi Quatro “Devil gate drive” *Slade “Wheels ain’t coming … Continued

Angel city-ren

Angel city-ren “Face to face” eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Pistones “No estas de suerte” *Motorhead “Motorhead” *GBH “Pins and needles” *Toy dolls “I’ve got asthma” *Angelic upstarts “Police oppression” *GG Allin “Gimme some head” *Stray cats “Something’s wrong with my radio” ANGEL CITY “FACE TO FACE” LParen errepasoa *David Johansen “She” *Elvis Costello “Mystery dance” *The Beat “Mirror in the bathroom” *The … Continued

Peter and the Test tube Babies-en

Peter and the Test tube Babies-en “Soberphobia” eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *New York dolls “Puss’n’boots” *Geordie “Black cat woman” *The Sweet “Miss Demeanor” *Slade “Don’t blame me” *Status quo “Down down” *The Tourists “So good to be back home again” *The Rubinoos “I think we’re alone now” *Fischer Z “Crazy girl” PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES “SOBERPHOBIA” LParen errepasoa *Nick Lowe “Heart of … Continued


Maniatica-ren “El lado oscuro” eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *Chaos UK “Ronnie was a rebel part 2” *Adicts “Sheer enjoyment” *Sham 69 “Joey’s on the streets again” *Guanabatz “Love generator” *Elvis Costello “Waiting till the end of the world” *Dave Edmunds and Rockpile “Down down down” *Iggy Pop “Fortune teller” MANIATICA “EL LADO OSCURO” LParen errepasoa *Gary Glitter “Shakey Sue”

Advertising-en Jingles eta gehio

Advertising-en Jingles eta gehio

Gaurko irratsaioan: *999 “Highh energy plan” *Sex Pistols “New York” *Motorhead “On parole” *Dr Feelgood “Riot in cell block nº 9” *Peter and the test tube babies “Key to the city” *Anti pasti “Mr. Mystery” ADVERTISING “JINGLES” LParen errepasoa *Sylvain Sylvain “What’s that go to do with rock’n’roll” *New York dolls “Thrash” *Cheap trick “Hot … Continued